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Corporate Transactions

LMM’s approach in assisting corporations and other business entities focuses on understanding your business and ensuring that any transaction you are considering meets your goals. The legal side is only part of the equation. The real key to this approach, and how we distinguish ourselves in this practice area, is a willingness to engage in-depth with our clients’ industry, giving us a strategic advantage in how we are able to deliver results.

We have decades of combined experience in corporate law, and have guided a range of professionals, businesses, and major corporations through successful corporate transactions over the years. At its core, LMM is an entrepreneurial enterprise, so we see ourselves in our clients and act accordingly.

LMM as a firm has assisted in the incorporation or limited liability entity creation of dozens of California companies. LMM walks its clients through a comprehensive checklist of critical milestones, including advising on compliance with the specific requirements of entities like the California Architects Board and Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists. Our deep connection with our clients’ industries allow us to be a resource not just for incorporating, but also for other critical aspects of the start-up process like procuring insurance, understanding reporting obligations as a business, and referrals to other professionals that can support our clients through the process.

Acquisition of Engineering Firm. LMM Partner Steve Litchfield represented a regional engineering firm in its acquisition of another peer firm. Steve was involved throughout the due diligence process and worked to structure a deal containing an “earnout provision” that would protect LMM’s client from avoidable downside risk while still meeting the financial demands of the firm being acquired. After many months of effort, the deal closed, and the Asset Purchase Agreement acted as a guidepost throughout the term of the agreement’s earnout structure.

p>Representation of Developer for Multi-Family Residential Community. LMM Partner Steve Litchfield represented the interests of a developer in the entitlement, design, and construction of a multi-family condominium development. Leaning on his significant experience in the design and construction world, Steve negotiated contracts, advised on financing and loan structure, and helped manage risk throughout the process. Ultimately, the project was delivered on-time and on budget, even in a difficult construction market.

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