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Cyber Liability

Modern businesses must adapt to a technology landscape that is becoming more complex by the day. LMM’s cyber practice understands that technical understanding is a critical element of effective representation in this space. Solving a problem requires understanding it and LMM works tirelessly to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of the constantly evolving cyber liability world. LMM’s depth of experience advising clients on insurance coverage combines with this foundational knowledge of the technology at issue and allows us to effectively deliver positive outcomes for our clients in a variety of different cyber settings:

  • • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • • Ransomware Response & Data Breach Response
  • • Data Protection Compliance
  • • Cyber Liability Coverage & Claims
  • • Employee Training and Awareness
  • • Cyber Incident Preparedness & Response

Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of an attack or are proactively working to prevent it, we pride ourselves on being a trusted resource and steady hand to navigate the process.

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Response to Cyber Attack. LMM Partner Steve Litchfield coordinated the response to a sophisticated ransomware attack on behalf of a large architectural firm. Immediately upon learning of the attack, Steve jumped in to assist his client in identifying appropriate consultants to mitigate the attack, coordinating with the client’s broker and insurer to understand the available coverage, and analyzing what obligations the client may have to notify its clients of the attack. Steve shepherded the claim from inception to resolution, allowing the client to minimize its downtime, re-gain access to its server without paying a ransom, and ultimately arrive at a mutually agreeable settlement between the insurer and insured.

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